The Canada Building - 348 Donald Street

The property built in 1910/1925 consists of a seven-story office building with a gross upper floor area of 102,502 square feet and parking lots which occupy 29,018 square feet.

Access to the building is provided by three entrances, one to the main floor unit, one to the front vestibule and one to another main floor unit. Two passenger elevators, a freight elevator and two stairwells provide access to the upper floors.

The main floor is party occupied by one tenant (Opportunities for Employment), who will be expanding their unit to 3,800 square feet. The tenant occupies office space in the southeast corner of the building.

The remainder of the main floor is vacant and requires demising walls for a new tenancy. The main floor has approximately 5,000 square feet of vacant space available. The main floor also includes roughly 850 square feet for a back-up generator and loading dock.

The entire second floor is leased to Opportunities for Employment which was recently renovated. The tenant occupies 12,392 square feet and contains a combination of general office/classroom space and some private offices. Since the tenant occupies the entire floor, washrooms are located within the unit.